Which is better – 12 win vs onlineslotqq101?

Which is better – 12 win vs onlineslotqq101?

Many online slot betting sites emerged because of the popularity of online slot games. Every single fan of casino games played this kind of game. Every online slot betting site has different strategies on getting a lot of players. 12 win and onlineslotqq101 are two of the most well-known online slot websites in the industry. But which is better – 12 win vs onlineslotqq101?

This article contains the comparison between the two great online slot websites. The similarities and differences of those two and the features, offerings, and rewards they have for all of their members.

Online slot products

One of many reason why these two are popular in the industry of online betting is their slot games that they offer. There are plenty of slot games can be played in 12 win. But the graphics of the games are not as good as onlineslotqq101. Onlineslotqq101 has a lot of online slots with different exciting and fun themes. Themes that are based and inspired by movies, well-known personalities, events, fictional characters, popular TV shows, myths, animals, and many more. They also have classic or traditional slots for those who wants to experience the kind of slots that are played by many slot bettors before. Slot games in this website can be played in 2D or in 3D. The graphics of every 3D slots looks like you so real! Looks like you can touch everything in the screen.

Which is better – 12 win vs onlineslotqq101?
Which is better – 12 win vs onlineslotqq101?

And since we are talking about these amazing slot games in this online slot Malaysia website, it is all created by the most popular and top online slot game providers in this industry. These providers are SpadeGaming, PlayTech, TopTrend Gaming, GamesOS, MicroGaming, and BETSOFT. They are respected in this industry of online slot betting because of their exciting slot games.

Promotions and rewards

Best online slot website should have the best promos and rewards for their members. Every member should enjoy and have a chance to get those promotions and rewards. 12 win only has BONUS 6% promo which is bonus 6% will be paid every Wednesday night. They will pay you if your bonus is more than RM6. Unlike 12 win, onlineslotqq101 has a lot of exciting promotions. These are some of their offerings:

  • E-MONTH SPECIAL PROMO – Special event for slot games
  • EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION FOR MG – Playing “TASTY STREET” to get big prize
  • WELCOMING TO VIP LEVEL FOR ALL LOYAL MEMBERS – The best chance of levelling up to diamond for old members only
  • REWARD POINT LUCKY DRAW – Applicable to all deposit members with IDR, RMB, MYR, VND and THB currencies
  • SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS 200% – Maximum bonus IDR 2 million, To 30X and WD anytime
  • SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS 150% – Maximum Bonus IDR 1 million, TO 15X and WD anytime
  • EXTRA BONUS 200% – Maximum IDR 1 million with TO 17X and WD anytime
  • WELCOME CASHBAK 100% SLOT GAMES – Bonus IDR 100, TO (BONUS) 1X only
  • WELCOME BONUS 100% SLOT GAMES – Maximum bonus IDR 1 million with TO 25X
  • WELCOME BONUS 20% – Maximum bonus IDR 1 million with 8X
  • WELCOME BONUS 10% SLOT GAME – Maximum bonus IDR 5 million with To 4X only
  • RELOAD BONUS 5% daily – Get reload bonus 5% everyday with TO 3X only
  • E-GAMES (SPADEGAMING, TOPTREND GAMING, PLAYTECH, GAMESOS, MICROGAMING, BETSOFT) – Unlimited rebate commission up to 0.5% plus reward point (TO X 0.1%)


Everyone who wants to have a one of a kind and spectacular online slot betting experience must consider some important things. They should know the qualities of a certain online slot website before joining. Between those two, 12 win casino and onlineslotqq101, I think onlineslotqq101 is the best online slot betting site for all the fans of slot games. It has all the qualities of a perfect online slot website. Join and win unlimited and surprising prizes by simply playing online slots with the best online slot games website.

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