Different Types of Online Sports Betting Options

Different Types of Online Sports Betting Options

Online sports gambling is one of the most interesting types of online gambling these days. It is because unlike in placing a bet through a real sportsbook, live sports gambling is much convenient. Additionally, sports online gambling game has millions of gamblers worldwide. They preferred to place their sports bets through online not just only because of the convenience that it brings but also because it is more fun and exciting compared to betting in a land-based sportsbook. However, not all of the live sports bettors know the different types of online sports betting options. So, in this post, some of the most popular betting options in this type of gambling game will be discussed.

Different Types of Online Sports Betting Options

Different Types of Online Sports Betting Options
Different Types of Online Sports Betting Options

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap or Handicap is a type of betting option that is commonly used in a football match. In this sports betting option, teams are handicapped according to their strength. For example, a stronger team should win by more goals in order for a punter betting on that team to win.

In addition to that, Asian Handicap originated in Indonesia and gained its huge popularity in the 21st century. Furthermore, Handicaps are typically range from one-quarter goal to several goals.


HT/FT is a sports bet on the double result of a certain competition. Firstly, you must predict the result at the halftime. And last, you have to correctly the outcome of the whole match.

Moreover, a certain bettor of this type of sports bet can predict in either a home team leading, a draw, or away team leading (for halftime). On the other hand, for the fulltime, a certain bettor can predict in either a home win, a draw, and away win.


This sports bet is a type of that links two or more wagers. Additionally, this type of sports bet is dependent on all of the wagers winning together.

Furthermore, the benefit of placing bets on this type of bet is that there are higher payoffs than placing each bet separately.


O/U or Total bets are wagers that are made based on the total score between both teams.


Moneyline is a type of sports bet that don’t have a spread of handicap. Additionally. It also requires the chosen team to win the game outright.


This type of bet enables the bettors to place new bets while a sports event is in progress. For example, if a defense force a field goal in a drive or if a baseball team will score a run in the inning.

These are the different types of online sports betting options that you should know. Knowing these betting options will help you to become more familiarized with the most popular types of bets in online sports today. So now that you know these types of sports bets, you can now place your bets on the best online sportsbook website you know. Good luck!

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